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    Harrows Clic Stems

    Constructed from a new and unique Polycarbonate material, this shaft allows the Clic flight to rotate 360°degrees which helps to eliminate bounce outs but also allows closer grouping and higher scoring.

    The construction has been designed to give this shaft 17° degree of longitudinal flex to reduce deflections.


    The Dimplex revolution continues! Using golf ball technology, the dimples act as turbulators and induce a stabilising layer of air around the shaft. This reduces drag and increases lift.


    Short - 35mm (not including thread)

    Medium - 48mm (not including thread)

    Tough and Highly Durable.

    2BA Standard Fitting.

    Each blister packet includes three stems (one set) with stem springs.
    The 21st Century nylon shaft features precision factory fitted, machined rings which unlike traditional springs do not open when flights are fitted. This results in an incredible vice-like grip.
    Shaft SizeLength (Excluding Thread)Length (Including Thread)
    Short Shaft35mm40mm Total
    Medium Shaft45mm50mm Total

    The Supergrip Spin shaft has a firm rotating top, which is designed to spin if a following dart makes contact. This reduces deflections and bounce outs. The factory fitted ring keeps the flight firmly locked in place.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 107 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 107 items