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    The original flight construction concept that revolutionised the sport of darts.


    The 100 micron world beating concept. 33% thicker, for extra strength and rigidity.

  • DIVA

    Ultra chic, uber cool and truly funky 100 micron super thick flights.


    State of the art 100 micron sport performance laminate. Rigid 90 degree flight wings.


    100 micron sports performance super laminate for exceptional strength.


    The Retina 100 micron flight is a unique fusion of a high definition central display with a tough outer performance laminate. The central display promotes an accurate and consistent throw, while the outer performance laminate gives exceptional strength and endurance.


    Bringing flight construction to a new level of technical excellence, these 100 micron metalised flights are created by a unique production process which creates a 10mm wide central Supergrip Zone. This results in a flight with amazing core strength for long life and incredible flight/shaft grip.

  • OPTIX™

    Formed from laboratory developed membranes of light sensitive laminate, 100 micron Optix flights offer the player a unique combination of luminosity with integral flight strength. Perfect cruciform 90 degree wing shape guarantees optimal aerodynamic performance.


    Atomic flights are constructed using the latest hexagonal molecular structure. This creates a state of the art 100 micron flight with ultimate integral core strength and unrivalled, wind tunnel tested, aerodynamic performance.


    The incredible dual fusion concept which takes flight construction to a new level. The 100 micron metallised material gives unrivalled strength and uniform 90 degree wing angles, while the rigidised flight borders create extra strength and increased durability.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items